Your queries answered

We've provided the answers to some of our more commonly asked questions on your roadside needs.

​Coverage when driving another car

RACT covers you when driving a vehicle other than your own, as RACT roadside provides a personalised service. We will even assist if you're a passenger in the car as long as you're present with the vehicle when the RACT technician attends. 

Family coverage

Roadside provides personalised assistance no matter which vehicle you're driving. You can add other family members as part of a roadside group and receive discounts based on the number of people in the group. The more people in the group, the more you save.  

Transferring from interstate

 Simply present your membership card from your interstate club and we will provide RACT Roadside up to the date of your current expiry at no charge. 

Breakdown coverage when you don't have roadside cover

If you call the RACT on 13 11 11, a patrol will attend to your call for emergency road service. However, you will be required to pay a service premium of $95 in addition to 1 year of annual Roadside Advantage fees and the usual join fee. You cannot purchase Roadside Ultimate "on-road".

Overseas coverage

RACT is affiliated with a large number of Automobile Clubs around the world which provide roadside assistance to our members.

Interstate coverage  

You're covered anywhere in Australia.  
By calling 13 11 11, you can obtain emergency roadside assistance from the local motoring club. If you have RACT Roadside Ultimate cover and you break down when more than 50km from home, you may be entitled to emergency overnight accommodation, a rental vehicle, recovery of your vehicle or transportation back home. In order to receive any of these additional Ultimate benefits, please call the dedicated RACT Roadside Ultimate phone number - 1800 088 865

Road service entitlements

RACT Roadside Ultimate provides up to $5,000* in roadside benefits in a year.
RACT Roadside Advantage limits the number of calls to 6 free call-outs per year. Each road service call-out over this is charged at $95. 
Gold Medallion members (i.e. members with more than 25 years of membership) are exempt from call limits.

Motorcycle and bicycle coverage

As part of your personal cover with Roadside, you are also covered while riding a motorcycle or bicycle.