2020 AGM and Board Election

This year, our Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held online at 5pm 4 November 2020. A video recording of this is available below the results section. Our Board Election was also held online. Voting was open from 1 October until noon 28 October 2020.


  • RACT Board Election results
    The results of the ballot for election to the RACT Board were declared at the Club’s AGM on 4 November 2020.

    The result of the ballot led to Alison Flakemore, Pieter Kolkert and Sue Smith being re-elected to serve as Directors of the Club for a term of 3 years.
  • RACT Officer appointments
    At a Board meeting that took place shortly after the Club’s AGM on 4 November 2020 Kathryn Westwood was re-appointed as President of the Club for a further year and Alison Flakemore and Jenny Richardson were elected as Vice President’s of the Club.
  • The RACT Board
    Kathryn Westwood (President and Chairperson)
    Alison Flakemore (Vice President)
    Jenny Richardson (Vice President)
    Jo Archer
    Peter Dixon
    Ralph Doedens
    Jude Franks
    Phil Jones
    Risden Knightley
    Pieter Kolkert
    Sue Smith
  • Resolutions passed at AGM
    In addition to the Board Election the Club also sought member approval to approve a new Constitution for the Club and deal with other required administrative matters that required member approval as follows:

    Special Resolution – Adoption of new Constitution

    ‘That, pursuant to section 136(2) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Corporations Act), the existing constitution is repealed and the new constitution that has been made available to members via RACT’s website at ract.com.au/agm (New Constitution) and in hard copy on request, is adopted as the constitution of the Company, with immediate effect.’

    Ordinary Resolutions: Board Limit and Directors Fees

    Board Limit

    “That without prejudice to its right to do so the Board not be required to appoint two Board Appointed Directors in respect to the period from the end of the 2020 Annual General Meeting up to the end of the 2021 Annual General Meeting.”

    Director’s Fees

    “That the annual directors fees remain at the aggregate amount as previously authorised by Members, but that in alignment with the proposed New Constitution, the Board shall not be required to allocate the total aggregate amount amongst the Member Elected Directors in any given year and that in future annual increases to the aggregate amount will reference the All Groups Consumer Price Index for Hobart rather than Average Weekly Ordinary Time Earnings.”

    The resolutions were all passed via poll by the required majorities as follows:

    Adoption of Constitution:
    For: 842 (97.45%)
    Against: 22

    Board Limit:
    For: 829 (95.73%)
    Against: 37

    Directors’ Fees:
    For: 821 (94.80%)
    Against: 45

    Explanatory Notes can be found within the Notice of Meeting and a copy of the newly adopted Club Constitution can be found here or on our About us page.

    Members also voted to confirm the minutes of the 2019 AGM (98.96%) and to receive the Annual Report and Financial Statements for the 12 months ended 30 June 2020 (98.96%).

Our AGM 

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