Important message for Tasmanians this Christmas

The RACT and Tasmania Police are reminding people to stay safe during the Christmas / New Year period by driving to the conditions, avoiding the Fatal Five and securing their belongings.

They are also urging Tasmanians to help those in need of life-saving assistance by donating blood to the Red Cross Blood Service.

RACT staff have been donating blood to the Service throughout the year, and contributions are even more vital during the busy holiday period.

Ann Harvey, Community Relations Officer with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, said about 700 blood donors were needed across Tasmania between 21 December and 2 January.

“Blood will be needed by road accident patients, pregnant mums, cancer patients and even premature babies every day this Christmas and New Year,” she said.

RACT Group CEO Harvey Lennon said safety was important for the Tasmanian community, particularly at this time of year.

“We are urging motorists travelling during the Christmas / New Year holiday period to take extra care because of increased traffic on the roads, tiredness and driving in unfamiliar places or conditions,” he said.

“If you are staying closer to home and are out celebrating, please leave your car at home and get a lift or travel with a designated driver.”

RACT CEO Harvey Lennon and RACT Insurance CEO Trent Sayers at the Red Cross Blood Donor Centre

RACT Insurance CEO Trent Sayers urged Tasmanians to ensure their cars, homes and contents were secure and safe from theft during the holiday break.

“Holiday periods are a prime time for burglars and thieves, so it’s vital to ensure your property is secure, and prevention is still the best way to ensure your property remains safe,” he said.

“Over the Christmas period, even if you’re at home, it’s still important to have your doors and windows secure.

“While it might seem a bit bah humbug, don’t leave packaging from high-ticket items in view or presents under the tree for everyone outside to see.

“Criminals take any advantage they can get and being complacent with the security of your property plays right into their hands.”

Tasmania Police Inspector John Ward said police wanted everyone to get home safely.

“To ensure that, we have to make sure everyone uses the roads safely,” he said.

“We want people to buckle up, watch their speed, stay under the alcohol limit, pay attention to the road and rest if they are tired.

“And remember you could still be over the alcohol limit even if you have had a few hours’ sleep. 

“Don’t ruin your Christmas/New Year break with a decision to drive when you shouldn’t, or drive in a way that puts you, your family or others at risk.”