Advocating for fair and transparent fuel pricing for all Tasmanians

Tasmania has some of the highest fuel prices in Australia. RACT has been working to impact petrol pricing in Tasmania.

Fuel pricing in Tasmania

The high fuel prices in Tasmania are often attributed to the high costs of transporting fuel to the state and weak competitive dynamics.

Local prices are impacted by global supply issues and while the industry is highly regulated, there is a low level of transparency regarding the fluctuation of prices at the fuel pump. Many other states in Australia have introduced regulations which enforce retailers to submit prices every time a change is made, which is then available to consumers to give them the opportunity to shop around.

RACT has been working to impact petrol pricing in Tasmania in the following ways:

Partnership with United

RACT members receive 6c off a litre at all United stations in Tasmania. This partnership was established to place downward pressure on prices and when this deal first became available to RACT members, there was an immediate impact on price at the pump.

Partnership with GasBuddy

One of the biggest challenges to ensuring retailers are charging competitive prices for petrol is an availability of information for the consumer. The GasBuddy app provides community members with an opportunity to tell other users how much the petrol is at any station in Tasmania, thereby empowering other people to find the lowest price in their local area. GasBuddy is available for free and is very easy to use.

Fuel price boards

RACT has been campaigning for some time for legislation to be introduced which forces petrol stations to only advertise undiscounted prices on fuel price boards. This will ensure customers know exactly how much the fuel will cost before they make their decision on where to fill-up, rather than needing to present a receipt or coupon to obtain the advertised price.

Fortunately, the Tasmanian Government listened to us and this legislation is set to be introduced in May 2018.

You can view our full supply and pricing of fuel policy here.