A child's view

This week on Road Torque we learn about the RACT RoadSafe program delivered in Tasmanian primary schools and the significant role we play in shaping how children view road safety.

​Road Torque is a series of videos highlighting key road safety messages. RACT has partnered with the Road Safety Advisory Council and Seven Tasmania to present Road Torque on Monday nights during the 6:00pm news bulletin between 9 July and 6 August.

"We can never underestimate the influence that we can have as drivers and parents on our children," RACT Community Manager Will Oakley said.

Mr Oakley and the RACT Community team help to deliver RoadSafe, an interactive program run in grade three and four classrooms across the state teaching students about road safety in a comprehensive and structured way.

"It really enables teachers and students to further explore road safety," Mr Oakley said.

Some students and their parents shared their thoughts on what it means to be safe on the road, as well as the importance of setting good examples for young passengers who pick up on good and bad driving habits.  

"We really hope the learnings don't stop in the classroom.

"We want to make sure there are conversations had in the family car and really start an open dialogue between parents and children around what's safe behaviour on the road."

Watch this week's episode of Road Torque below:

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