Average transport costs across Australia's capital cities are increasing

The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) has released the latest instalment of their Transport Affordability Index for Australian capital cities.

Does Hobart have the lowest transport costs of any capital city in Australia?

It may surprise some locals that Hobart has been identified as having the lowest transport costs in the country. Therefore, does that mean we have nothing to complain about?

The short answer is no. When we delve into AAA’s report, a more accurate picture of affordability is presented; one which Hobartians would agree with.

When median household income is considered, Hobart’s transport costs are actually the third least affordable in the nation, behind only Sydney and Brisbane. Transport costs in Perth and Canberra comprise of a much smaller percentage of income, due to a higher average income in these cities.

Car loans continue to make up the biggest share of a household’s transport costs across the nation.

Read the AAA’s report here for a more detailed look at transport costs throughout Australia.