Roadside patrolman completes an Auslan course

Our Roadside patrolmen always do their utmost to assist our Members and make them feel comfortable in what can be very stressful situations.

Some recent feedback from a Member exemplifies this:

"I arranged for RACT to assist my mother who is profoundly deaf. Firstly I spoke with an incredibly helpful lady on the phone, who ensured the man attending knew my mother was deaf and how he was best to communicate with her. The lovely man attended and wrote notes to her which included that he has asked to do a sign language course! This means so much to myself and my family – that this man is willing to do a course so that he can communicate with deaf customers better. There needs to be more people like this out there!! Since this, I believe RACT were going to allow this man to do an Auslan course!!"


Based on his experience, patrolman Brian was given the opportunity to complete Auslan certification to enhance his communication skills. We have also offered this opportunity to our other patrolmen, with hopes for more to complete the course during the next year.


We love that our teams are so passionate about making a difference to our Members and the wider Tasmanian community and commend Brian for wanting to go the extra mile to give Right Royal Service.