Home claims

Every home claim is different and needs a tailored solution based on the individual circumstances of the claim.  For example, a fire claim could involve us organising temporary accommodation for you before we repair or replace the damaged items.  
A burglary claim will normally involve us making same day temporary repairs to secure your home, before we replace items and put your home back the way it was.
For this reason, you will need to ring us on 13 27 22 to discuss your claim with one of our friendly Claims Consultants.  We can then determine the best way to assist you.

In order to process your claim we will ask you to provide:

  • Your policy number;
  • Your name, address & contact phone numbers;
  • Information about where and when the incident occurred, and a verbal description of how it happened;
  • A description of what has been affected by the event e.g. broken window, roof damage etc; and
  • Details of any Police involvement (where applicable) - this may be a Police report number or the details of the Officer and Station a report was made to.

What happens next

Our Claims Consultant will discuss with you the steps to complete your claim. This may include:
Appointment of an assessor
The role of the Assessor is to inspect your property and confirm if the damage is covered.  Your cover is explained in your Product Disclosure Statement. The Assessor will also arrange repair and/or replacement of your property, ensuring that your claim is settled as quickly as possible. Proof of ownership may be required for some items you are claiming for.  If required, the Assessor will discuss this with you.  If you have any questions about your claim you should contact your Assessor.  
Appointment of a trades person

The repairer appointed by RACT Insurance will inspect your property and arrange for the completion of repairs or replacement as quickly as possible.  For any questions you have in regards to the repairs, you should contact the repairer directly. If you have any questions that the repairer is not able to answer, please contact us on 13 27 22.

Important Information:

  • Any repairs to your home that we arrange and authorise have a lifetime guarantee.
  • If we need to replace an item, we'll replace it with a new one.
  • If you require emergency repairs call us immediately.
  • We may arrange and provide emergency accommodation if your home is unliveable.