Looking to hire a child restraint?

RACT has a range of convertibles and booster seats available for hire from our RACT branch in Hobart and Launceston AutoServe, just call to book.

​​To hire our child restraints please call to pre-organise an appointment time to collect the child restraint/s ​and we can ensure the seats are ready. It is also a good idea to book in advance to ensure there is availability as the child restraints are often booked out quickly, especially around the holiday period. 

The seat will then be fitted in your car by one of our professional fitters.

Convertible (birth – 4 years)

  • $40 fixed hire and $5 per day.
Non Member
  • $50 fixed hire and $5 per day.

Booster (4 – 7 years)

  • $40 fixed hire and $5 per day.
Non Member
  • $50 fixed hire and $5 per day.​

Hire seats available for children with special needs.​​