Which one will you help support?

A sponsorship process that allows the Tasmanian community to decide who RACT supports.

Every quarter three much deserving charitable organisations are chosen to receive funding through our Community Act of Royalty Program.

These charities are featured in all of our RACT branches and each time a purchase is made by a customer, they receive a token to place in a box nominating one of the three charities to receive funding.

The organisation with the most tokens at the end of the quarter will receive $3000, the organisation that comes second will receive $2000 and the organisation that comes third will receive $1000.  

Charitable organisations wishing to be considered for future participation can apply here and send their application form to

This quarter our three charities are:

website image1.jpgEpilepsy Tasmania 

Epilepsy is a common condition that people are born with, or can develop from a head injury due to an accident or fall. Its recurring, unpredictable seizures are due to excessive electrical activity in the brain. One in five Tasmanians will have, know or support someone with epilepsy. There is no cure, but medication helps control seizures for around 70% of people. Epilepsy Tasmania is a local Tasmanian charity reliant on donations to provide its statewide services and support.

Epilepsy Tasmania website 

Square Pegs

Square Pegs is a Tasmanian, volunteer run organisation that aims to improve recognition, understanding and action for children with dyslexia, so that all children can enjoy learning and reach their potential. We provide information, advice and support to  the families of children with dyslexia as well as coordinating training for educators. Dyslexia impacts more than 10% of the population, which equates to over 7,500 children under twelve in Tasmania.

Square Pegs website

Citizen Advocacy Launceston Region Inc

Citizen Advocacy Launceston Region Inc is a small, not for profit, community based organisation that was first established in Launceston in 1989. They focus on people with intellectual disabilities who may be neglected, vulnerable, lonely and in need of someone to speak up and represent their interests, and assist by establishing and supporting one-to one volunteer relationships between a suitable community member and the person in need.

Citizen Advocacy Launceston Region Inc website