5 of the best day walks

From alpine forests to rocky outcrops, sandy beaches to teeming waterfalls, Tasmania is home to some of the most stunning short walks. We’ve compiled five of the best in each region. Picture: Leven Canyon by Tourism Tasmania and Brian Dullaghan.

Dove Lake Loop Track, Cradle Mountain: A great introductory walk to the Cradle Mountain/Lake St Clair National Park. Approx 2 hours.

Leven Canyon: A spectacular 250m-deep ravine 41km south of Ulverstone. 45-minute circuit.

Mersey Bluff to Don Reserve: A flat walkway past Coles Beach to Don Reserve – a bird watcher's paradise. Approx 2 hours.

Rocky Cape circuit walk: Encompasses the Coastal Walk and the Inland Walk on a 25km return trip. Approx 6-8 hours.

Fern Glade: Fern Glade is a magnificent walk among large, spectacular tree ferns along the Emu River near Burnie. Up to an hour.

West Coast​

Franklin River Nature Trail: Those travelling between Queenstown and Derwent Bridge will cross this well-known wilderness river on their way. 25 minutes.

Montezuma Falls: An easy walk, through rainforest, along the route of the historic North East Dundas Tramway. 3 hours return.

Kelly Basin: Walk with history down the route of the former railway line to Kelly Basin and the former town of Pillinger. 3-4 hours return.

Donaghys Lookout: Enjoy wilderness views of mountain tops and the Franklin River after this short walk. 40 minutes return.

Shadow Lake Circuit: From Lake St Clair, this walk will take you through rainforest, sub-alpine moorland and highland eucalypt forest. 4-5 hours return.


Hollybank Forest Reserve: Hollybank has spacious picnic facilities nestled amongst ash and pine trees. 15-40 minute return.

Tamar Island: Walk through wetlands and across a river channel to the seven hectare Tamar Island. 1.5 hours return.

Meander Falls: Get away from the more popular areas and into the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. 4.5-6 hours return.

Duck Reach: Follow the South Esk River from Launceston's famous Cataract Gorge to the historic Duck Reach power station. 1.5 hours return.

Pine Lake: The Pine Lake walk offers a rare opportunity to get close to one of Tasmania's rarest trees. 30 minutes return.

East Coast

Orford foreshore walking trail: A lovely coastal walk with stunning views over to Maria Island. 3-3.5 hours return.

Wineglass Bay lookout: The crystal clear waters and white sandy beach of Wineglass Bay are a tremendous and world-famous sight. 1-1.5 hours return.

Bishop and Clerk, Maria Island: This challenging walk offers c​​lifftop and ocean views. Visitors can see the Fossil Cliffs as part of this walk. 3-5 hours return.

Apsley River Waterhole and Gorge: This walk crosses the Apsley River at the waterhole and then through dry, open forest. 4-5 hour circuit.

St Columba Falls: This track through cool and shady rainforest leads to the base of one of Tasmania's highest falls. 20-30 minutes return.


Organ Pipes, Mt Wellington: The Organ Pipes form a magnificent sight along this track which runs just below their base. 3 hours return.

South Cape Bay: Australia's most southern coastline is also the country's most unspoilt. 4 hours return.

Lady Barron Falls Circuit: This walk will take you through tall forests dominated by the tallest flowering plant on Earth. 1 hour 45 minutes return.

Lake Esperance: The region abounds in alpine plant species that are found nowhere else on Earth. 1.5-2 hours return.

Waterfall Bay, Tasman Peninsula: The stunning coastline of this region includes some of the highest sea cliffs in Australia. 1-1.5 hours return.

Some walks require a National Parks Pass. 

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