Driver safety reminder for holiday period

​Motorists are being reminded to take care on the roads and keep in mind the "Fatal Five" contributors to road deaths – speed, seat belts, alcohol and drugs, distraction and fatigue – this holiday period. Image courtesy of Tasmanian Police.

Take care on the roads over the holiday season. 

​RACT group chief executive Harvey Lennon says holiday periods can make conditions more risky on the roads due to increased traffic volumes, tiredness and people driving in unfamiliar environments.

He reminded motorists to be alert to the dangers within their own vehicle, from other drivers and from road and weather conditions.

"And please, if you are out celebrating, leave your car at home and get a taxi or Uber vehicle, appoint a designated driver or arrange for someone who has not been drinking to pick you up to take you home," he said.

Tasmania Police officers will be out in force, with Operation Crossroads being conducted from December 23 to January 1.

Police said the most likely time for a crash to occur was on Christmas Eve between midday and 8pm.

Police Commissioner Darren Hine said that as part of Operation Crossroads police would be conducting random breath tests and speed enforcement operations at various locations around the state.

"Police will be patrolling alternative routes out of towns and cities, targeting the back streets, rural roads and entertainment districts," Commissioner Hine said.

"We're asking drivers to be especially careful this year and keep the 'Fatal Five' in mind every time they get behind the wheel.

"In short, we want people to buckle up, watch their speed, stay under the alcohol limit, pay attention to the road and rest if they're tired.

"And remember that you could still be over the limit even if you've had a few hours' sleep. Picking up your car too early in the day could mean you're still affected by alcohol."

Mr Lennon said many motorists made longer trips at this time of year to visit family and friends around the state. Being prepared before you leave and watching your speed are two key factors to a safe journey.

"While most people keep to the speed limit most of the time, roads are clearly busier at this time of year," he said.  "Any speed limit on a particular road should be regarded as the upper limit, not necessarily the speed that is safe to travel at for the full length of the road."

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