New-look Lodge a step closer

The RACT will today lodge a development application for an upgrade at Freycinet Lodge that will open up the opportunity for all members and guests to enjoy the unique vistas of Tasmania's stunning eastern coastline.

Designed by a large consultant team led by well-known Tasmanian tourism developer Brett Torossi, the planned development will include the installation of a lift and accessible suite in the main Lodge building, along with six new rooms and nine new accommodation pods on the existing site.

"When we looked at how we could best redevelop the Lodge's existing footprint, we wanted to create something that was accessible for all," RACT Group Chief Executive Harvey Lennon said.

"This redevelopment will give all members and guests the opportunity to enjoy the best views on the site, overlooking Great Oyster Bay and the coastline beyond."

The nine new pods will replace six existing cabins, creating a new offering believed to be the first of its kind in the world.

"The six existing cabins will be demolished, with materials salvaged for re-use in the development, and nine beautifully designed pods will be built," Mr Lennon said.

"The design has been inspired by the beauty of Freycinet taking account its vegetation, cultural heritage, views to and from the site and; most importantly, how we would like our guests to experience this special part of Tasmania."

Mr Lennon said the RACT would continue to work with key stakeholders, including the community and the Parks and Wildlife service, to ensure the development met current guidelines.


"The RACT will continue to follow all regulatory and environmental approval processes," he said.  


"We are also committed to continuing our consultation with the East Coast community to ensure this redevelopment is in line with community expectations."


The consultant team also includes Liminal Architecture, JMG, RushWright, EcoTas Ecology, CHMA Archaeology, Brett Woolcott Surveyors, BDA, Ireneinc, Pitt and Sherry, Stehel Consulting QS, Gandy and Roberts, Futago, Howarth Fisher, SCA Marketing, Floodslicer, Arup and geologist artists Brigitte de Villiers and Bill Chromer. 

The application is now being lodged with the Glamorgan-Spring Bay Council and will follow the normal process for development approval. Once the DA is lodged it can be viewed here.