Concern over learner driver program axing

The RACT continues to be concerned over the future of Keys2Drive, which is designed to prepare inexperienced drivers to go it alone on the road.

Funding for the Federal Government program will not be provided beyond 30 June. More than 400,000 Australians have taken part in the program, which provides a learning approach that is more real, more comprehensive and more attuned to the reality of licensed driving. The program is designed to complement other learner driver programs, not replace them.

RACT Group Chief Executive Harvey Lennon has regularly called on the Federal Government to continue funding the program and you can join the cause.

The Australian Automobile Association, which includes the RACT, has developed a campaign where you can get involved and send an email to your local member. Visit the campaign website and fill out the form to urge your local member to support funding for the program.

For more information on Keys2Drive visit