Advice and products to assist your international travel

RACT offers a number of additional travel services at competitive prices, designed to make travelling overseas simpler.

Some of these include:

International Driving Permit 

When travelling overseas, it is important to remember to check the licensing requirements for tourists in each country you plan to visit. Many countries require that tourists hold an International Driving Permit (IDP), in addition to a domestic driver’s license to be legally able to drive in their country.

An IDP is a widely recognised document, however it is important to remember that it is not valid unless you also bring with you a current Australian driver’s license. Click here for more information. 

Travel Insurance

Holidays are about relaxing so arrange your travel insurance through RACT  so you can do just that.

We have a range of Travel Insurance products that are designed to offer comprehensive cover for both the domestic and overseas traveller.


International reciprocal Roadside service rights

As members of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), the world-wide organisation of Touring Clubs and Automobile Associations, RACT members can receive a broad range of services from other FIA members when travelling abroad for a time frame of three months. These services may vary from country to country. For a full list of all reciprocal rights available to RACT members please visit the AAA's Driving Overseas webpage. ​