Police to be out in force this Easter

Tasmania Police are reminding motorists to make the right choices when out on the roads during the Easter period. Police today launched Operation Crossroads, which will run from 13-19 April inclusive.

​​The primary messages are to:

  • Slow down and drive to the conditions.
  • Pay attention all the time.
  • Don't drive while tired.
  • Wear your seatbelt or helmet.
  • Don't drive after drinking or if you've taken drugs – it's not just your life at risk.

"Take extra care and be patient while driving," Commander Tim Dooley said.


"There is not only additional holiday traffic on the roads, there are caravans, boats and trailers that will slow down your journey.


"You also need to plan ahead how to get home from festive celebrations if you've had a few drinks."


Police also called on motorcyclists to slow down, wear appropriate safety gear and ride responsibly.


"All of the five fatalities that have occurred on Tasmanian roads this year have involved motorcyclists," Commander Dooley said.


"We're calling on riders to protect themselves and other road users by riding responsibly, ensuring they're licensed and their motorbike is registered and roadworthy, and by wearing appropriate safety gear. It's for their own safety.

"We're also asking other motorists to be mindful of motorcycles on the road as riders are vulnerable road users."

Around the state, Tasmania Police will be targeting known hotspots for drink drivers and drug drivers.


"Police will be patrolling alternative routes out of towns and cities, targeting the back streets, rural roads and entertainment districts," Commander Dooley said.


"And remember that you could still be over the limit even if you've had a few hours' sleep. Picking up your car too early in the day could mean you're still affected by alcohol.


"If you're not paying attention, or driving while tired, affected by alcohol or drugs, or speeding, you may be involved in a serious crash.


"Of course there are penalties in terms of fines and demerit points, but the real penalty could be a life or a serious injury.


"Don't ruin your Easter break with a decision to drive when you shouldn't, or drive in a way that puts you, your family or others at risk."