Take full advantage of your United discount

Everyone feels the pinch of fuel price increases at the bowser, here are some timely reminders on how to take full advantage of your RACT membership card to save 6 cents per litre on fuel.

How many times can I access the discount?

The fuel discount can only be used once a day, up to a level of 150 litres.

Can I receive the discount without my card?

No, you must have your card present at the time of purchase.

Which fuels can I get a discount on?

The discount applies to the following fuels: Unleaded E10, Unleaded 91, Premium 95, Premium 98, E85 Race Blend, Diesel and LPG.

Can I get more than one type of fuel in one transaction?

Yes, as long as it doesn't exceed the 150 litre, once-a-day maximum.

Can I use this card in conjunction with other cards and/or offers?

No, this card is not valid in conjunction with Fleet Card, United Card, Motorcharge, Motorpass or Gift Card purchases or in conjunction with any other fuel offers or discounts, unless specified otherwise.

Where can I find my closest petrol station location?

To find a list of participating stations visit or download our RACT Royal Rewards App, available from iTunes or Google Play. United now has a range of unmanned sites available to use your card – visit the website for details.

How do I know which fuel types are available at each location?

Please visit for a list of participating sites and a list of fuel available at each location.

For more information and full terms and conditions, visit