Skoda Fabia

Skoda Fabia – Leading Safety Technology Now Comes Standard.

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 With safety technology that was reserved for high-end German marques less than a handful of years ago, Skoda has installed Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) standard in every model in the latest generation Fabia. Using a radar based system to detect speed differences between you and the car you are following, it offers a four stage system to assist you avoiding a rear end collision. The first stage provides a visual alert via the instrument cluster, the second a visual and audible alert, the third is the initial application of brakes, and if you still haven’t reacted then it will apply full emergency braking. If your travel speed is less than 30km/h and an imminent crash is detected, full emergency braking is implemented immediately. AEB can reduce the incidence of rear end collisions by as much as 50%.

Skoda2.jpgThe new Fabia is also fitted with multi-collision brake which applies the brakes after a collision occurs and the airbags are deployed to reduce the likelihood of a subsequent impact. Of course with a suite of airbags and all the usual safety acronyms Fabia offers class leading safety and a five-star ANCAP rating.

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In a simple model range Fabia is offered with a 66TSI 1.2L turbo petrol with a five-speed manual-only option, and a more powerful 81TSI coupled exclusively to a seven-speed DSG auto.  Aided by start-stop and brake energy recuperation, both engines offer 4.8L/100kms on the official combined cycle.  With both engines delivering maximum torque from a low 1,400rpm, on the road the little turbo engines perform above average for such a small capacity which is typical of VW group, however you need to use premium fuel in both engines.


As well as the usual hatch variant, Skoda is offering the Fabia in a wagon offering 505L of space behind the rear seats and 1,370L with the seats folded forward, which is more than some vehicles in larger categories. Unfortunately it isn’t a full flat floor space with the seats folded forward. Technology and connectivity is leading edge in the Fabia with all variants getting the full suite including a 6.5” touchscreen, and an industry leading smartphone interface called Smartlink. This allows connection with your smartphone (Apple Carplay or Android Auto) to use apps from the phone via a seamless interface. Activate “ask Siri” on your phone and you can have full voice integration without pressing a button.

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Probably the best part about the new Fabia is the price. The 66TSI starts at $15,990 which for an introductory period is the drive away price. The 81TSI with the DSG auto is $20,290, and you’ll need to add $1,500 if you want a wagon in either variant. Option packs include; Travel pack in the 66TSI which adds $1,300, the sports pack will cost $1,200 on the 81TSI and the premium sports pack $2,600. A colour concept package which includes colour coded wheels, “A” pillars and roof combined with Travel or sports packs to give that individual look.

This little Skoda is well worth a serious look if you’re in the market for a new small car.