Students to learn from new online resource

Primary school students in grade three and four will get to learn more about road safety with the new online resource RACT RoadSafe.

The program is being piloted at St Aloysius school in Kingston and a small number of other schools, before being made available to all schools across the state next year.

RoadSafe is designed to help better explore and explain road safety issues with primary school-aged aged children specifically in mind. It will also identify knowledge gaps on important road safety issues for individual students, classes, schools and regions.

Students will complete quizzes, watch videos and use third-party games and resources to further their knowledge.
We will then be able to compile invaluable data to get a better understanding around what students know and do not know about road safety, and then tailor educational messages accordingly going forward.

Teachers will also be able to access a separate dashboard that provides an overview of the class’s progress, identifying areas that may require further attention.

The RACT is seeking expressions of interest from Tasmanian schools for 2018. Please email to register your interest.

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