Tips to get your vehicle summer-ready

With the long summer holidays nearly upon us, we urge you to make sure your vehicle is summer-ready before you hit the road.

Tyre condition, tread depth and pressures:

Poor tyre condition and incorrect tyre pressure are not only dangerous, they can cost you money in additional fuel consumption. Aim to check your tyre pressure when your tyres are cold, as the reading is less accurate when they're hot from driving.

Windscreen wiper rubbers and windscreen condition:

Windscreen wipers can quickly deteriorate in sunny conditions, and it's not until you need them during a summer downpour or when clearing the windscreen of debris that you will notice. Replacing wiper rubbers is a relatively easy DIY task if you are a little bit handy. If not, see your mechanic because if you mess it up, scratched windscreens can be expensive to replace. Also, top up your washer fluid and check your windscreen for any cracks or chips that could lead to an expensive repair later on. For expert advice contact RACT Auto Glass.

Battery condition:

In summer, the additional use of air conditioning and stereo as you're cruising down the highway can put extra pressure on your charging system. Slow cranking/starting first thing is a good sign the battery is getting tired and may need replacing. RACT members can receive free battery testing and free delivery and installation when buying a new battery. For more information click here.


Don't forget to the check them all, including the rear lights and brake lights. If you don't have someone to help you do this, attach a mirror or something shiny somewhere you often reverse up to. That way you can easily check all your rear lights each time you're leaving.

Check fan belts for cracking and tightness:

Every car has a different size and type these days and often they cannot be repaired at the roadside.

Engine oil:

Low engine oil levels put unnecessary stress and wear and tear on the engine and could cost you thousands. This can easily be prevented with a simple regular oil top-up.

Has your vehicle been serviced at least once during the past 12 months?

A thorough inspection by a competent mechanic is the best way to be sure your car is in good safe condition. If you don't have a regular mechanic check out RACT AutoServe in Hobart and Launceston. RACT members receive 10% off labour costs.

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