RACT 2019 Federal Election Priorities

While Tasmanians gear up to return to the polls on 18 May for the 2019 Federal Election, and RACT has been busy preparing it funding priorities.

​​​​​​​​​​​​We have kept an eye on road-related commitments made by each of the major parties and combined these with issues you have made us aware of over the years.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​We have also cosidered Tasmanian crash data, Australian Road Assessment Program (AusRAP) data and RACT Advoacy Advisory Committee input to identify these funding priorities.

​The table below represents RACT's priorities and commitments by the three major parties.

​The key road priorities have been identified as:

Bass Highway 10 year plan
1  Bass Highway (Christmas Hills)​Funding for safety upgrades
$50 million for ​Bass Highway: Westbury to Latrobe
2  Bass Highway (Parramatta Creek)​New passing lanes$50 million for Bass Highway: Westbury to Latrobe (as above)
 Bass Highway (Wynyard intersections)​Additional funding of up to $15 million to consolidate intersections
 Bass Highway (Wynyard to Marrawah)​Funding for safety upgrades in addition to $400 million for roads of strategic importance funding already committed
$60 million for Bass
 Highway: Marrawah to Wynyard

$60 million for Bass
 Highway: Marrawah to Wynyard

Major Projects​ ​
​​Bridgewater Bridge​$576 million towards replacement bridge​​​$461 million towards replacement bridge​$461 million 
​towards replacement bridge
6  Eastern Hobart Approach - Sorell/Midway Point causeways, airport roundabout and Tasman Bridge​Additional funding to improve traffic flow from eastern and south east suburbs into Hobart​$130 million for the Hobart to Sorell corridor

 $130 million for Sorell to Tasman Bridge/Hobart Corridor (Tasman Highway)

$10 million for Hobart Airport Interchange

​​30-year Greater Hobart Mobility VisionLiberalsLaborGreens
7 Hobart Traffic Congestion​Congestion relieving measures​$25 million towards Hobart Congestion Package

$10 million for Tasman Highway Intelligent Transport Solutions
​$75 million for Hobart Congestion Package

$10 million for Tasman Highway Intelligent Transport Solutions

Launceston Traffic Solutions​ ​
Tamar Bridge​Feasibility, design and construction of a new Tamar Bridge for Launceston
​​​Tasmanian Tourist Roads​​LiberalsLaborGreens
8 Hastings Caves Road​Funding for safety upgrades
9 Wielangta Road​Upgrade connection between East Coast & Tasman Peninsula
10 Richmond Road between Cambridge and Richmond​Complete current works

11 Arthur Highway at Eaglehawk Neck​Funding for safety upgrades
$30 million Arthur Highway Upgrade​​​​​
12 Bruny Island​Funding for safety upgrades
13 Stanley Highway​Lane widening and shoulder sealing
​​ ​Road Safety Upgrades​LiberalsLabor​Greens
14  West Tamar Highway (Craythorne Road to Atkinsons Road)​Funding for safety upgrades
​​$25 million for West Tamar Highway Improvements
15  Huon Highway Sandfly Junction​Funding for safety upgrades​$12 million for Sandfly Road and Huon Highway intersection upgrade
16  East Tamar Highway (Alanvale)​Funding for safety upgrades
17 East Tamar Highway
​Funding for a flyover at the Mowbray Connector
All HighwaysLiberals
17​ ​Upgrade to minimum 3 Star AusRAP rating ​

​​Future Mobility and Sustainability​Liberals​Labor​Greens
18 Electric Vehicles​​Invest in charging stations and incentive programs to increase fleet uptake​​Setting a national electric vehicle target of 50% new car sales by 2030

Setting an government EV target of 50% of ​purchases/leases of passenger vehicles by 2025

Businesses allowed to immediately deduct 20% depreciation for EV vehicles valued at more than $20,000 as part of private fleets
19 Prepare for autonomous vehicles​Explore opportunities for a trial
​Other Commitments​ ​Liberals​Labor​Greens
20 Illawarra Road between Bass and Midlands highways (west of Perth).​Road upgrades​​$64 million towards widening as well as improving and adding overtaking lanes
21 Bass Highway - Westbury to Latrobe​Road upgrades​$50 million
22 ​Birralee Road upgrades - Westbury and Frankford
​Road upgrades​$24 million
23 West Tamar High​way
Road upgrades​$25 million ​for highway and $2 million for Exeter roundabouts
24 Launceston eastern bypass​$1.5 million for feasibility study
25 Frankford Highway​Road upgrades​$20 million
​​26 Tasman Highway (Sideling near Scottsdale)​Road upgrades​$40 million for safety upgrades​$25 million for safety upgrades
27 ​Dalrymple Road and The Glen Road​Road upgrades​$2.1 million for Dalrymple

$1.45 million for The Glen Road
28​ ​Palana Road Flinders Island​Road upgrades​$3.6 million
29 Huonville bypass​$7.5 million
30 Plenty Link Road​Upgrade exisiting road​$20 million
31 Tasman Highway - Orford to Bicheno​​Road upgrades​$20 million upgrade
32 Arthur Highway​Road upgrades​$30 million
33 Murchison Highway​Road upgrades​$35 million
34 Lyell Highway - Queenstown to Strahan​Road upgrades​$15 million
35 Port Sorell Main Road - Bass Highway to Port Sorell​Road upgrades​$10 million
36 Henty Road upgrade​Road upgrades​$10 million
37 ​Cooee bottleneck​​Traffic improvements to "Cooee Crawl"​​$40 million