​Stay safe on the road this summer

If you're hitting the road this summer, there may be some things you need to watch out for. The following is a handy checklist to use before you get behind the wheel:

​• Check the weather forecast before you leave. If heavy rains and flooding are forecast in the area where you are travelling, consider delaying your trip.

• Check for road closures on the Tasmania Police website

• Check for upcoming roadworks on state roads at and ensure you allow additional travel time. For local roadworks check with the local council.

• Obey speed advisory signs at all times.

• Is your car roadworthy (lights, wiper blades, hoses, belts, oil and water) and has it been serviced recently? Most importantly what is the condition of your tyres (pressure and tread depth), particularly the inner and outer edges. RACT provides a range of vehicle services for members and non-members. To check pricing and make a booking visit

• Is your phone fully charged or do you have an in-car charger?

• Pack warm clothes and some food and water just in case you break down.

• Avoid driving at dusk or dawn (due to animals on the road), or if you must drive at these times slow down and watch the road verges for wildlife. Allow more time than you would normally due to the road conditions and terrain.

• Let someone know what time you are likely to arrive and how they can contact you when you do.

ALWAYS drive to the conditions, take your time and take regular breaks.


Do you want the added peace of mind of support 24 hours a day, seven days a week? With RACT Roadside, we've got you covered. Visit for more details.