Tips to fight fuel price rise

Fuel prices are on the increase around the state and look unlikely to dip significantly any time soon.

RACT General Manager, Member Assist, Darren Moody says the fuel price rise is a result of uncertainty around the global oil market.

He says that during the past few months the wholesale price rose by 16 cents per litre and the retailers absorbed some of that increase, but the recent jump by about 20 cents per litre appears to have been done in an effort to recoup lost profits.

Mr Moody recommended the following to help motorists conserve up to 10% of fuel when driving:

  • Drive smoothly – don't brake or accelerate harshly;
  • Try to anticipate traffic flow – don't drive in peak-hour traffic if you can avoid it;
  • Reducing your highway cruising speed can reduce consumption;
  • Make sure your tyres are properly inflated;
  • Don't carry around excess weight (eg golf clubs in the boot!);
  • Remove roof and/or bike racks when not using them;
  • Make sure your vehicle is regularly serviced;
  • Reduce the use of air conditioning;
  • Consolidate your trips – avoid making multiple trips when one will do.

As an added savings measure, RACT members can get 6 cents per litre off fuel at United Petroleum sites statewide.

Members saved a total of close to $290,000 on fuel in December, bringing the total member benefit to more than $2.7 million since the discount was introduced in March last year.

The average discount per transaction was $2.47.

For more details on the United member offer, visit