Greater Hobart Mobility Vision

​We are calling upon all Tasmanians, particularly residents in the state's south, to embrace new mobility options, such as public and active transport, as part of our 30-year Greater Hobart Mobility Vision.
Unveiled today, the Vision prepares Tasmanians for a transformed mobility landscape, where increased choice provides safer, more efficient and sustainable approaches to moving around our state and the Greater Hobart region.


We have taken a staged approach to the Vision, mapping out changes for the next 30 years across infrastructure, public and active transport, urban planning, social and community issues, as well as future mobility and emerging technology.

The first two stages of the Vision will focus on shifting people's behaviours and patterns, with the initial aim of achieving a 4% shift in traveller behaviour from private vehicles to alternative transport options in the first 10 years.

'Hobart has the highest percentage of car use for commuting of all capital cities in Australia, with 84% of residents taking a private vehicle to work,' RACT Group Chief Executive Harvey Lennon said.  

'That means currently only 16% of Greater Hobart residents use alternative forms of transport to get to work.

'If 20% of people utilised a different mode, it would represent a 4% reduction in private vehicle use, making a significant difference to the efficiency of the road network at peak times and moving Hobart more into line with the majority of other states.'

If this initial aim isn't achieved, or if population growth exceeds predictions, plans will be made for a major infrastructure solution to ease congestion, which will be analysed and planned for during the first 10 years of the Vision. 

We will now take the Vision to key stakeholders, including all levels of government to advocate for change on behalf of all Tasmanians. The Vision will be regularly reviewed to ensure population changes, transport patterns, technology advances, work and study patterns and costs are considered and continue to meet Tasmanians' needs.

You can find details for each stage of our 30-year Vision, including indicative costs obtained through independent financial assessment on our website, in the Greater Hobart Mobility Vision document or via QR codes on signage around Hobart.