Delays expected as work commences on Hobart airport roundabout

Motorists travelling to Hobart Airport are advised to allow an extra 10 minutes due to work currently underway at the airport roundabout on the Tasman Highway at Holyman Avenue.

‚ÄčThe work is aimed to reduce congestion and delays and to provide better access to and through the roundabout.

It includes the addition of a second lane to the existing roundabout, as well as improved entry and exit points, the removal of the merge approach from Hobart and the addition of a second lane on the approach from Sorell.

RACT advises motorists to drive with caution through the area and to follow the direction of road signs and traffic controllers.

The work commenced one week after the Road Congestio‚Äčn in Australia report prepared by the Australian Automobile Association found that Hobart is the fourth most congested city in the country and has the most variable airport route, with average travel speeds decreasing by 3.6 per cent since 2013.

Construction is expected to be completed early next year.

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