Parking app comes to Hobart

​We all have those dreaded moments…​

1. Pulling into a metered car spot with no loose change, because let’s face it, no one seems to carry it around anymore.

2. Sprinting back to your car with minutes to spare before your parking meter runs out.

We've all been there, but from today, Hobart drivers can kiss those moments goodbye by downloading the EasyPark app onto their smartphones.

Paired with the new parking meters popping up across the CBD and 1800 in-ground sensors, the app offers drivers convenient benefits such as only paying for what you use, reminder notifications and the ability to top up your time limit from your phone.

All app-users have to do is register their details and payment method, enter their parking bay number, press start to begin and stop to finish. ​

The EasyPark app offers EasyPark Casual, a pay-as-you-go option with a 10 per cent commission, as well as EasyPark Saver, a monthly fee of $1.99 and a charge of 2.25 per cent for each transaction made on the app.

So now you can choose: coin, card, or app.

Just remember to stay attentive, because the sensors w​ill send an instant electronic alert to parking inspectors if you go over your parking time limit.

EasyPark is available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

For more information and enquiries visit City of Hobart