Important reminder on mobile phones

With road-related deaths on the increase across Australia and many of them being attributed to inattention, motorists are being reminded of the laws surrounding mobile phone use in vehicles.

The following rules apply to mobile phone use in vehicles in Tasmania:

• If it is not in a hands-free device or an inbuilt Bluetooth then the phone cannot be touched.

• The phone cannot be used on "speaker" mode unless in an approved hands-free device.

• If you are stationary at traffic lights you cannot pick up your phone to check messages etc – this is classified as using a mobile phone while driving.

• You cannot use a mobile phone with a USB cord as a music device and select and change songs – this is considered using a mobile phone while driving.

• You must be parked off the road and stationary to make or receive calls when not fitted to a Bluetooth or approved hands-free device.

• Having the phone in your hands is considered using the phone when driving, whether or not you are making or receiving calls or text messages, even if you are stopped in traffic.