Road Torque young drivers

Road Torque young drivers
With young drivers significantly over-represented in crashes on Tasmanian roads, the final episode of Road Torque discusses how to prepare learner drivers for their provisional licence.

Road Torque is a series of videos highlighting key road safety messages. RACT has partnered with the Road Safety Advisory Council and Seven Tasmania to present Road Torque on Monday nights during the 6:00pm news bulletin between 9 July and 6 August.

"L-platers are the safest they'll ever be behind the wheel, but when they get their P plates, their chance of death and serious injury skyrockets," Road Safety Advisory Council Chairman Garry Bailey said.

"Learning to drive is the same as learning any skill, the more supervised experience you have, the better you become," he said.

It is important that young drivers are given the space to learn from their mistakes, gain driving experience in a range of weather and road conditions, learn to ignore peer pressure and how to make confident decisions without the help of a supervisor driver.

The team of driving instructors at RACT Driver Training are highly qualified in teaching young drivers the safest road practices and preparing them for any challenges they may encounter as new licence holders.

Learning how to drive is exciting for young drivers, but they need to gain as much supervised driving time as possible to ensure their own safety and the safety of others on the road.


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