Warning for motorists on running red lights

Tasmania Police is reminding drivers not to run the gauntlet on our roads and put lives in danger by ignoring red and yellow traffic signals.

​During a one-hour blitz in Hobart this week, police detected 14 motorists failing to comply with red and yellow traffic signals.

"Offences of this nature are significant contributors to crashes involving vehicles, and also crashes involving pedestrians, who are exceptionally vulnerable in such circumstances," Tasmania Police Sergeant Peter Andricopoulos said. 

"Fatal and serious crashes occurring at controlled intersections can be significantly decreased if motorists obey traffic control signals.

"We want motorists to slow down, stop, and arrive alive – the lights won't be red or yellow for long."   

Sergeant Andricopoulos said enforcement activities may result in motorists receiving an infringement or caution notice.  

The fine for failing to comply with a red or yellow traffic control signal is $159 and three demerit points. The fine for a pedestrian failing to comply with the direction of a traffic control signal is $39.

Tasmania Police said members of Southern Road and Public Order Services would continue their focus on offences of this nature in the greater Hobart area for a substantial period. ​