Transport Affordability

Hobart the second most expensive Australian capital city to commute in relative to income.

Hobart households may have once more recorded the cheapest annual transport costs out of all Australian capitals for the year to June – but when average income is considered, the Tasmanian capital city remains the second most expensive to commute in.  

The Australian Automobile Association's Transport Affordability Index June quarter update has revealed that Hobart has the least expensive total annual transport costs of all capital cities in the year to June, with the average household spending $15,441 - up $121 on the March quarter.

This compared to Sydney households, which had an annual transport cost of $22,520, with Melbourne in second at $19,982, Brisbane in third at $19,745, Perth $17,642, Canberra $17,033, Adelaide $16,050 and Darwin $15,954. Hobart was also ranked eighth the previous quarter.

However, Hobart was also recorded as the second most expensive city relative to income in during the year to June, with the average household spending 16.42% of their income on transport. The Tasmanian capital was also ranked second in the March quarter with 16.3%.

The top ranked capital was Brisbane, where commuters spent 16.49% of their income on transport. Melbourne came in third with 15.38%, with Sydney in fourth with 15.37%, Perth with 13.54%, Adelaide 13.52%, Darwin 12.58% and Canberra 12.44%.

In Northern Tasmania, the index recorded that Launceston was again the study's fifth most expensive regional city with the average household's annual spend $14,194 in the year to June - up $164 on the March quarter. It fell in well behind Bunbury in Western Australia, which recorded $15,495, and Geelong with $15,416.

However, similar to Hobart, Launceston is the most expensive regional centre in the study with 16.64% of commuter income spent on transportation - up from 16.45%.

In terms of fuel costs, Hobart households spend on average $78 a week, overtaking Darwin ($76.87) as the most expensive capital city.​

Launceston was again the third most expensive regional city for fuel costs with $89.13 spent a week, behind Bunbury ($97.33) and Geelong ($92).