Preparing for severe weather with RACT

RACT Insurance prides itself on being local and servicing the changing lifestyles and requirements of all Tasmanians.

This starts with assisting those in the community to prepare for these types of events, including what to do when they occur and where to source accurate and timely information.

Preparing for severe weather:

It is important to remember weather conditions can change unexpectedly and precautionary measures should be undertaken and reviewed year-round.

In order to be aware of the hazards and prepare yourself, your home and to protect your loved ones from unexpected weather events, you can start by taking the following precautions:

  • Learn about flood risk in your area from your local council
  • Develop a flood emergency plan
  • Learn where to source the most up-to-date information on changing weather conditions in your region, such as or
  • Understand the possible impacts of severe weather, including how it will affect you and your surrounding area (refer to
  • Trim or remove trees and branches overhanging your home, business and/or power lines on your property and ensure your gutters are kept clean
  • If there are high winds in your area, secure outdoor furniture, trampolines and other items that may get blown around easily
  • Put together your Emergency Kit, including items such as a portable radio, first aid kit, torch, batteries, essential medication and a waterproof bag or container for important documents. Additional information about preparing an Emergency Kit can be found at
  • Invite the SES to present an awareness and education program to your community group
  • Most importantly, stay safe during severe weather conditions and look after your loved ones.

When severe weather conditions have diminished and you are looking to asses any damage, there are a few things you should keep in mind, which include the following:

  • Once the storm has passed, carefully check your home for damage if safe to do so and call your local SES unit if you need assistance.  If you are in a life threatening emergency phone 000
  • If there is noticeable damage, we would urge those with insurance to contact their insurer as soon as possible to make a claim, as the sooner we can assess any damage, the sooner we can fix it
  • It is incredibly important that you contact your insurer before you conduct any building work or emergency repairs and to make sure you request permission from your insurer, as unauthorised work may not be covered by your insurance policy
  • Where possible, it is also a good idea to take photos or videos of the damage to your property and possessions as evidence to support your claim
  • Keep any items that could repaired and if in doubt, check with your insurer.

RACT Insurance is passionate about the Tasmanian community and ensuring everyone has the appropriate cover for unexpected emergency events, as underinsurance can have a significant impact.

For anyone seeking further information or looking to update their cover, please visit a local RACT Insurance branch or talk to one of our local team members on 13 27 22.