Access for all

For people with limited mobility, filling up their vehicle with fuel can be a challenging process. As petrol stations increasingly move towards full self-service, we take a look at how the larger brands in Tasmania are addressing this issue.

We contacted the four major brands' Australian parent companies, asking what services they offer to assist those with limited mobility. Please note these responses apply to company-owned sites only – independently owned sites may have different serv​ices on offer.

Twelve Caltex sites in Tasmania offer a 'honk for assistance' service to refuel or check tyres. Company-owned Caltex sites at Kings Meadows, Launceston and Bellerive also have full driveway service. In addition, Caltex Australia's app has a new FuelPay option that allows customers to pay without leaving their vehicle. The nearest Caltex site can be located via the app or

BP says where they have two or more staff members on site, they can assist at the petrol pump and facilitate a cash payment. This is not possible during overnight operational hours as there are strict procedures in place to ensure staff safety. Customers can also pay from their car with the fuel payment app BPme.

Journeys has made contact with Shell Australia and United Petroleum and are awaiting their responses. We will endeavour to publish them in a future issue of the magazine.

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