5 tips for keeping your car running this summer

Until technology and car manufacturers come up with a vehicle that never breaks down you need to plan what to do to minimise your chances of being stuck by the side of the road.
With warm weather and road trips beckoning, follow these simple guidelines to keep your car running this summer: 

1. Cars cost money

The major saver is regular maintenance and servicing as per manufacturers recommendations. Changing the oil and filter will not be enough long term. Fuel filters and spark plugs need changing regularly as well. When your vehicle is serviced, a check-over for possible problems ensures they are fixed and replaced before they cause a problem.

2. Keep an eye on your gauges

Know what is "normal" and if something is out of that range, ask your mechanic for advice. If a warning light comes on and it is yellow, you can usually travel a short distance to get it checked. If the warning light is red STOP where safe to do so and call either RACT Roadside Assistance or your mechanic.

3. Read the owner’s manual

When your engine is cool, check coolant and oil levels; look for anything that doesn’t seem right. The general rule of thumb - if the cap is yellow and has a symbol such as washer fluid, you can check and top up as required. If the cap is red, it requires the attention of your mechanic.

4. Tyre pressure

Often there is a tyre sticker inside the petrol flap indicating what size tyres should be on the vehicle and recommended tyre pressures, but this can also be inside the driver door.

5. Petrol

Most modern cars will list a RON of 91, 95 or 98 inside the fuel flap. It is safe to go higher than recommended, but never lower. Don’t run your tank too low on hot days unless you want to ruin your fuel pump. If you have 15-20L of fuel in your tank and go for a half hour drive on a hot day, you will be shortening the life span of your pump.

If you car needs a service, book your car in with the team at RACT AutoServe. RACT members can save 10% off all labour. RACT AutoServe is located in Hobart and Launceston.

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