A safety reminder for break downs

If you break down in a high speed area, remember these guidelines for staying safe while waiting for assistance.

​​If you break down on the side of a road with no pull off area where the speed limit is 80km/h or above you should remain in your vehicle with the hazard lights on and seat belts fastened while you call for RACT Roadside Assistance and we will contact Tasmania Police on your behalf to conduct traffic management if required. 

Please let our phone operator know if you are blocking or hindering traffic.  Your safety, as well as that of our patrols and other motorists, is paramount in this situation.

If you must exit the vehicle and it’s safe to do so, move behind the roadside safety barrier or find a safe place well off the road.

When our patrol arrives wait for their instruction and don’t exit your vehicle immediately as our patrol may even phone you depending on the situation.