Training for businesses and fleet operators

​RACT is now offering a tailored workshop to increase knowledge of safe driving techniques and acceptable driving behaviour in everyday situations for business and fleet operators.

​​​Tailored workshops

The workshops are discussion based for groups of up to 15 participants and do not require the use of motor vehicles. Participants learn how to read road situations and apply current road rules correctly.

Workshops can be designed to reinforce and refresh company regulations or to facilitate the introduction of new policies or procedures. Organisation or industry specific content can be included in your session upon consultation.

The sessions are two hours in duration and can be delivered in any appropriate training environment including on site or at our premises.


To improve drivers' knowledge of current road trauma statistics, update road rules and raise awareness of safer driving routines and appropriate road use behaviour in everyday driving situation.


  • to improve the understanding of the Australian road-crash statistics and associated costs to our communities, organisations and business
  • to evaluate and update knowledge of the current road rules, and how to apply them
  • to identify common driving faults through self-assessment, and how to correct them
  • learn to recognise other drivers' errors and apply suitable protective response to reduce the chances of being involved in potential traffic conflict


  • road trauma/crash discussion
  • road rules quiz and knowledge update
  • crash cause discussion
  • safer driving strategies development
  • organisation or industry specific topics as requested

Please note: you cannot book Business Driver Training via the Driver Training online portal. For further information or bookings please call RACT Driver Training on 1300 761 429 or email​