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    We know doing research online is helpful so we've listed all the car seats we sell below.

    We’ve also got a fact sheet for Choosing the right car seat by age for your child. Once you've chosen, you can give us a call on 13 27 22 to make a booking. This way we can make sure we're here to help you buy the right seat and then fit it for you, all in the same visit.

    Common questions

    • What types of car seats are available?
      Car seats need to match a child’s age and size. You’ll need to think about this, along with the car it’s going in when you are ready to buy.

      Infant capsule. A rearward facing car seat for infants, used from birth to approximately six months old. It has its own inbuilt harness system and uses a top tether.

      Convertible car seat. These can be used as rearward facing and forward facing car seats. Used from birth to approximately four years of age. It has its own inbuilt harness system and uses a top tether.

      Convertible booster seat. A forward facing car seat for children aged approximately six months to seven years of age. It has its own inbuilt harness system to a certain height or weight and then converts to a booster seat. These restraints are also known as forward facing child restraints and all use a top tether.

      Booster seat. A device that increases the child's seated height when using a seatbelt. The Australian Standard defines booster seats as being suitable for children aged four up to seven years of age. Most boosters use a top tether but some do not. If a booster has a top tether, it must be used.

      Child safety harness. Harnesses can be used with booster seats or when a child is unable to use a seatbelt in the correct way. For example, the car only has a lap belt where the child is sitting.
    • What is an ‘approved car seat’?
      All car seats sold in Australia must meet Australian Standard (AS) 1754. Standards set out specifications and procedures. AS1754 ensures car seats are safe, reliable and act the way they need to.

      Car seats must also anchor to the car using an AS approved anchoring system. You'll know a car seat meets Australian Standards as it'll have a small badge saying so. Car seats bought in other countries will not meet our safety standards and it's illegal to use them here.
    • Is it safe to buy a second-hand car seat?

      It may be cheaper to buy a second-hand car seat, but you'll need to check its safety history. Look out for things like:

      • Wear and tear. Is the harness frayed, or the plastic shell or buckle cracked or broken? Test the buckle and adjusters to make sure they work.
      • Does it carry the Australian Standards 1754 mark? If not, it doesn't meet our Australian Road Rules and your child may not be safe in the event of a crash.
      • Does it come with the product manual? If it's missing, get the manufacturer to send you a copy or search for it online.

      Did you know that car seats that use velcro bindings can no longer be sold, hired, donated or given away?

      Never use a restraint which has been in a crash. If you're not sure about the safety history of a second hand car seat, we recommend looking somewhere else.

    • What is ISOFIX?
      ISOFIX is a child restraining system developed under the International Standards Organisation (ISO). It's a system for car seats that don't need the adult seat belt when restraining the car seat. The system is used in Europe and the US and Canada have a similar system they call LATCH.

      ISOFIX was invented by Britax in collaboration with Volkswagen in 1997. It gives parents a simpler way to install child car seats correctly. Cars that can use this system have an ISOFIX symbol in the seat cushion.

      In June 2013, the Australian Standard for car seats was updated to include ISOFIX. We sell seats that are ISOFIX compatible and are happy to help you fit them.

    • Child Car Seats
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