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    Britax Safe-n-Sound Hi-Liner SG

     Member price $205

      Non member price $220


    The tallest E type booster seat on the market is perfect for your growing child. The lifesaving slideguard clip prevents your children from sliding in an event of a crash. Deep side wings with lined EPS foam provide addition protection in a side impact crash.

    The height is simple to change with a one hand adjustable headrest. This seat comes with a proteca PLUS harness compatible to help improve upper torso support. There's also arm rests for seat belt positioning and extra comfort.

    Britax safe and sound hi liner SG

    Britax Safe-n-Sound Tourer

     Member price $85

      Non member price $90



    The Tourer is designed and made in Australia. It's a lightweight untethered seat that can easily be transferred and installed across different cars. Suitable for children aged approximately four-six years old. It's a great back-up booster for grandparents or families traveling with additional kids.

    Britax Safe n Sound Tourer
    Britax Safe-n-Sound Tourer

    The Safe-n-Sound Tourer booster features a high seat back which means it will accommodate your child for a longer period. The shoulder height markers make it easy for you to ensure it’s the right seat for your child’s size.

    Safety features include a deep head rest & side wings to protect your chid’s head & torso from side-impact. Rear impact bars to support your child’s neck & an energy absorbing seat. It has a switchable sash guide and a slide-guard clip for safety.

    Britax Safe-n-Sound Kid Guard

     Member price $240

      Non member price $255


    Britax Kid Guard
    Britax Safe-n-Sound Kid Guard.

    Extendable booster seat with nine height adjustments, four points of safety and slim design. It's easy to fit and you can easily accommodate three seats across the back seat of your vehicle. This seat has been tested for use up to ten years of age. The easy to use adjustable headrest with deep wings is designed to shield and protect your child’s head in the event of side impact.

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