P1 Pilot

Ready to go solo on the road? You can now book with us to get your P1s statewide. The aim of the pilot is to give you more options when it comes to your assessment, getting you on the road quicker.

    Or call 1300 761 429, Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5pm.

    We'll make sure you feel safe on the road.

    Common questions

    • How long does the assessment take?
      The assessment will take between 35 and 45 minutes.
    • How is the assessment conducted?
      All P1 assessments will be conducted in our driver training cars. For the pilot, it's a requirement for us to do the assessment in a vehicle that has an in-car camera. Prior to doing an assessment, you'll need to read, understand and sign a consent form.
    • Where can I do my assessment?

      We can do P1 assessments at our Hobart, Launceston, Burnie, and Devonport driving school locations. If you've had a lesson with our assessor after the L2 assessment stage, you won't be eligible to sit the assessment with them.  Please call us on 1300 761 429 to check and book in with us.

    • Am I able to book a lesson in before my assessment?
      If there is space available, you can definitely book in a lesson before your P1 assessment. This will need to be with an educator that will not be conducting the assessment. If you have any questions or wish to check who best to book in with, please give us a call on 1300 761 429.
    • What do I need to bring with me to the P1 assessment?
      You'll need to bring your current driver's licence and your log book. The log book must have 50 logged hours recorded and be signed where required. What to check you've got it correct? Check out our tips and tricks.
    • What happens when I pass my P1 assessment?
      When you pass, we'll give you some paperwork to take to Service Tasmania. They'll upgrade your licence with a cost and then you can begin your solo driving journey.
    • Can you tell me more about the familiarisation package?

      The familiarisation is not a lesson. It's an opportunity to get use to the car you'll be doing your assessment in. We're offering this as all the assessments will be done in our dual-controlled driver training cars.

    • What would help me get my P1s?
      Taking professional driving lessons is a good way to understand what's needed to get your licence.  You can book your lessons online, or give us a call. You need to complete all of the tasks in your logbook and practice, practice, practice. 

    Customer help

    • Email us with any questions or general enquiries
    • Call us on 1300 761 429 for driver training enquiries or bookings.
    • Visit a driving school Monday to Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm