​​​​​Your kids come first with RACT Roadside

Children locked in cars are always a top priority for our patrols. They will drop everything to rescue a child, regardless of whether the caller is an RACT Member.

In the last year, RACT patrols have rescued over 75 children who were accidentally locked in cars and over 77 animals. Nowadays due to the sophisticated locking technology in modern cars it is very easy to accidentally lock a child or animal in a car.

Tips to avoid locking your children in the car:

  • Wind your windows down before putting children in the car in case the car automatically locks
  • Never give your keys to children to play with because they can accidentally lock the car
  • Avoid getting distracted when you’re loading and unloading the car
  • Have an easy way to hold on to your keys to avoid locking your keys in your car this summer

RACT will always prioritise call-outs to car lock-ins involving children, but the few minutes it takes for patrols to reach the scene can make an enormous difference in hot temperatures.

Importantly, if you do have kids locked in a car or vehicle

  1. Keep calm
  2. Think clearly and act quickly
  3. Call 13 1111 immediately for roadside assistance
  4. Call 000 immediately for Emergency Services with any concerns about the child’s health

Download and print our children locked in cars posters below to help get the word out there.