Need to insure that special item?

'Click for Cover' is a brand new concept from RACT Insurance that ensures you are fully insured for the items you need.

​​​​​​​​Click for Cover​

​Would you like to insure a single item of value? Or have you acquired​ a valuable item this year and not insured it? RACT Insurance's new product - click for cover - ensures that you and your valuables are fully insured.

Insure your camera, iPhone, laptop, jewellery, guitar, book set or any other item of value without having to take out a whole contents cover policy!

Simply click here ​to email us a photo or video of your valuable item, with a short description and amount you would like it insured for and we will have a consultant get back to you with information regarding pricing.

​No longer do you need to fork out large amounts for unwanted cover, just insure your individual items instead!​​