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Additional learning resources

Keen for some more tasks? You’ve come to the right place.

Mobility in the future

Explore the future needs of mobility with our practical exercise of re-designing a typical shopping centre. To complete the activity you can: 

  • Explore varying themes such as congestion problems, accessibility, environment, sustainability and electric vehicles with resources included in the NRMA's Future of Transport Challenge

  • Re-design this shopping centre to show how it could look in 30 years. Think about how the demands and needs of mobility may change in 30 years.

Learning to drive

When it comes to learning to drive, there's a bit to take in! 

  • Explore a collection of educational videos developed by the Tasmanian Government to prepare for driving on the road.

  • Topics covered include merging lanes, parking, roadworthy vehicles, towing, overtaking, getting to know your vehicle, blind spots and dividing lines.

Physics of car safety

Learn all about car safety with the NRMA's Road Safety Total Learning Resource so you can: 

  • Understand about the physics of car safety, car crashes and how cars move on the road.

  • Learn through reading, videos, short answer questions and activities.