Driverless vehicle traveling along road
Advocating change

Lesson #2 Getting ready for driverless vehicles

Have you heard about driverless cars? Soon it might be the way to get around. Can you help us work out what needs to happen before we can use them in Tasmania?

The way we travel in cars is always changing, and in the future we might not be driving them at all.

Tasmania's first Driverless Electric Bus trial

Driverless cars are not too far away, but there are some challenges we need to face before they can be used on our roads. Can you help us find some solutions? Your task is to come up with solutions to solve five challenges. The challenges can be worked on individually by students or collaboratively in small groups. Be sure to think your ideas through carefully and brainstorm suggestions with each other.

Challenge 1

Some people don't trust a vehicle that doesn't have a driver. Even though driverless vehicles are safer than human drivers, some people just don't believe it. 

Challenge 2

Driverless vehicles work best when there isn't a lot of other traffic around. Are there areas they can travel without too many other cars?

Challenge 3

They don't carry as many passengers as a bus or train. If they're going to replace buses how else can they be used?

Challenge 4

As there's no driver the road rules are a bit trickier, whose fault is it if there's a crash?

Challenge 5

People just don't know enough about driverless cars. How do we teach people about how good these cars can be?


How did you go?

If you need some help to kick start your ideas, check out these resources: