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Advocating change

Lesson #1 Our biggest transport challenges

Traffic congestion makes it hard for a lot of people in Tasmania. On your own or in groups, try to work out what we can do to fix it.

You probably notice there are hundreds of cars on the road on your way to school. This is known as traffic congestion and it's a big issue for all Tasmanians.

We think there are a few main reasons why we get traffic jams in Tasmania and they are getting worse. Your mission is to come up with solutions to solve six transport challenges. The challenges can be worked on individually by students or collaboratively in small groups. Be sure to think your ideas through carefully and brainstorm suggestions with each other.

Challenge 1 

Too many people travel in cars all by themselves. In fact, more people drive to work in Tasmania than anywhere else in Australia. 

Challenge 2

Not many people use buses. For a lot of people it's more expensive and time consuming than it is to drive.

Challenge 3

Not many people walk or ride to work or school as some people just don't feel safe riding on the road with cars.

Challenge 4 

Tasmanian roads are very hilly, it can be really hard to walk or ride home from work.

Challenge 5

We just don't have enough other cool ways to get around! We might not drive if we had lots of different and fun ways to travel.

Challenge 6

Lots of people live a long way from the city centre, so in these circumstances there are no alternatives to driving.


How did you go?

If you need some help to kick start your ideas, check out these resources: