Electric car driving on windy road
Advocating change

Our lessons and challenges

Catch up on all of our lessons. We've got some big questions that we need your help to answer. Work through our challenges to help shape the future of transport.

Lesson #1 Our biggest transport challenges 

Traffic congestion makes it hard for a lot of people in Tasmania. On your own or in groups, try to work out what we can do to fix it.

Lesson #2 Getting ready for driverless vehicles

Have you heard about driverless cars? Soon it might be the way to get around. Can you help us work out what needs to happen before we can use them in Tasmania?

Lesson #3 Charging up for electric cars

Have you seen an electric car in your city? Electric cars are becoming more available but they still face many roadblocks. Help solve the electric vehicle challenges.

Lesson #4 Driving without distractions

Distractions on the road are everywhere, from the scenery outside the car to the music inside the car. Let's create some solutions to ensure we can continue to focus on driving safely.