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Driver training refresher

We want every driver to be confident behind the wheel.

However, this can be impacted by incorrect driving habits, changes to the road rules, experiencing a car crash or sometimes age-related medical conditions or disabilities. 

This is why we offer licensed driver refresher assessments for mature drivers in Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie. 

Our highly qualified driver trainers will help you boost your driving skills and strengthen your road sense with safe driving habits. They will also refresh you on any road rule changes during your many years of driving, or rules you may have heard about but don't fully understand, including:

  • Passing distances for cyclists and rules for overtaking them

  • Slowing to 40km/h when passing emergency vehicles with their lights flashing

  • Rules for roundabouts and merging lanes

This course is also helpful if you've lost your confidence due to a crash. Our instructors can re-assure you and return that confidence, along with some new skills to assist your recovery. 

One other area our trainers can help is when your family or doctor might think that it might be time for you to stop driving due to a medical condition or disability. While it may sometimes be a clear decision for mature drivers to hang up their keys, this can be a difficult choice for families to make. 

This is where we can give you an on-road assessment and assess your fitness to drive. This includes how you drive the vehicle and use its controls effectively, and whether you can turn your head to check blind-spots. 

Sometimes hearing a professional opinion outside of your family may help you make the final decision. 

For more information on our driver training refresher courses or to make a booking, call 13 27 22.