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Annual General Meeting

Members are advised that the 96th Annual General Meeting of the Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania Limited will be held at the RACV/RACT Hobart Apartment Hotel in Hobart at 5pm on 13 November 2019.

The Constitution of the Club requires that the official Notice of Meeting, listing the Agenda items, be published at least 30 days before the date of the meeting and it will therefore be published in the October/November edition of Journeys magazine.

Should any eligible member wish to be nominated for election as a director of the Board, a nomination form can be requested from Michael Hopster on 03 6236 4301 or by email.

Eligibility to nominate for election and the election process is governed by RACT’s Constitution and Election By-laws which can be found on the RACT website and will be provided along with any nomination forms requested. The closing date for completed nomination forms will be 5pm on 13 September 2019.

It should be noted that the position of director on the Board of the Club carries with it a number of legal responsibilities such as a requirement to act in the best interests of the Club as a whole setting aside any contrary personal opinions a director may have. Indeed if a director has an interest in a matter or is connected with an organisation that is interested in any matter that director will not be able to take part in any vote on the matter.

The RACT prides itself on being an independent voice for Tasmanians and consumers, across the areas of its business activity. The Club’s business is increasingly complex and any successful nominee will need to have significant business acumen and be able to understand financial reporting in order to contribute to the Board and the continued successful guidance of the Club.

The Board expects that nominees will have skills or experience at a senior level in relation to: accounting and finance; strategic development and implementation; risk management; WH&S and human resources best practice; legal, commercial and business acumen; advocacy , stakeholder engagement and government relations; and marketing, digital and data technology.