Call to keep fuel retailers to account

It's time to take action on fuel prices. Tasmanians are being hit hard at the fuel pump – since 1 March 2020 they have paid a whopping $9,115,515 more than we think they should.

That’s more than $300,000 a day.

How did we arrive at that figure? 

Federal Government figures show that in 2018/19, Tasmanians used 426 million litres of fuel - that's 11,670 a day.

So, for every 1 cent per litre extra we pay, that's a whopping $4.26 million a year.

We believe the maximum difference between wholesale and retail price should be 14 cents per litre.

So we have calculated how much we're paying above this, and multiplied it by our daily fuel usage. And we're keeping an eye on it each day to update you on how much extra Tasmanians are paying.

We're calling for the State Government to legislate for real-time fuel pricing in the state. This is similar to FuelCheck in New South Wales.

Our petition, launched in November last year, has gained about 9500 signatures. 

For more information you can download our latest media release.