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Supporting Self Help Workplace

If you're part of a business in the Youngtown region looking for cleaning materials, look no further than Self Help Workplace. 

Self Help Workplace provides meaningful work to around 51 people with a disability in Youngtown.

The team uses rag cutting machines to make commercial cleaning cloths from recycled material and clothing for local businesses. And they’re a hit!

The cleaning cloths have been so popular, the team has been struggling to keep up with only two machines, but through our Community Fund, has just bought and installed a brand new rag cutter.

The team is delighted with the workshop’s latest addition.

“Our employees absolutely love to work and the purchase of a new rag cutter will allow us to build a stronger enterprise,” said Self Help Workplace General Manager Donna Bain.

“This will increase our ability to offer employment opportunities to people with a disability.”

We’re so proud to help an organisation that:

• Offers fun, inclusive work

• Helps local businesses

• Reduces material in landfill and is good for the environment

If you’re part of a non-profit group or know of one doing great things in your local community, we’d love to hear from you. Keep an eye out for the next round our Community Fund later this year.