woman walking child across road
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Take care on the roads as school returns

We are once again reminding drivers to take extra care on the roads as children across Tasmania return to school for Term one.

The return to school will mean an increase in cars on our roads during peak hours, which can lead to more chances of accidents.

Always remain vigilant and plan a little extra time for your journey to ensure you arrive safely to your destination.

It is also important to observe the 40km/h speed zones around schools, which will be enforced again once the term commences. This limit includes stationary school buses with their lights flashing.

Data from our RACT RoadSafe program for school children in grades three and four showed that two out of five students have a low understanding of how to cross the road safely. This suggests that the only way to ensure children are safe around roads is for drivers to slow down.

Now is also a great time for parents of younger children to check that their car seats and child restraints are properly installed. Our polling has suggested only one in three parents have ever sought professional advice relating to car restraints for their children, despite approximately 80 per cent of restraints requiring attention. You can get help with safely fitting a car seat on our car seats page.

Community Education

We offer a range of road safety programs to schools. Find out more on our Community Education page.