​​​​Glass - handle with care

We look through it every time we drive and yet we hardly ever look at it. When it comes to driver and passenger safety, your windscreen deserves a second look.

All that stands between you and the elements

We drive through rain, hail and shine, through locust plagues, down gravel roads, and into the midst of blown-up dust, grit and pollution – and all the while our windscreen is one of the only things that shields us from these elements.

It really doesn’t matter whether it’s the straight-forward glass variety, or the high-tech kind loaded with the latest in sensors, displays and gauges – without our windscreen, our everyday driving experience would be far from pleasant. So here are a few simple things you can do to keep your windscreen free from cracks, scratches and chips.

1. Keep it clean

Dirt and grime build up on your windscreen over time, obscuring your view, damaging your wipers, and even leading to scratches and abrasions. So keep it clean – inside and out.


2. Look after your wipers

When you turn on your wipers, you need them to work. So look after the rubbers on your wiper blades to ensure they can do their job. The rubber should be soft and pliable – brittle or chipped blades should be replaced. And remember to run regular checks on the fluid levels in your wiper washer bottle so that you're ready to wash your windscreen whenever you need to.


3. Regular inspections

Get into the habit of regularly inspecting your windscreen for small chips and cracks – inside and out. Also check the rubber seals around your windscreen to make sure they're intact and free of built-up dirt and grime.


4. Stop chips in their tracks

If you do notice any chips or cracks, deal with them as soon as possible to stop them turning into more serious cracks later on. Early intervention can often be the difference between a small repair job and total windscreen replacement.

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